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Make your night memorable with the sexy love tips

Make your night memorable with the sexy love tips

Well, love for couples has always been special and that is why whenever the couple gets to show some love the best way to show them the love is only through sex. Well, sex has been the most relaxing and stress-free way to show love. So guys while having sex do remember to show your love to your partner as it will make it more intense.


In a survey it has also reveled that the girls love to have sex more than the guys. Guys after sex tend to sleep as they get tired but the women actually become more horny and wild to have sex more and she also becomes a chirpy, so it is better to talk with your partner for a while cuddle them and then sleep.


This will help you grow the bond stronger. Also, sex is not just an exercise but it is really beneficial for the health as well as having sex once a week also helps to keep the bond close.

We know that the couple in the metro life hardly spend time with each other and that is why the bond weakens and slowly destroys. So do not let the curb for sex bow down under the load of work.

Sources have also declared that in a survey of at least 27 girls out of which 25 girls committed openly about their sex life revealing that they enjoy sex in doggy pose.

So guys here is the best tip for you to make you sex life exciting just do what women loves and she will please you the same.

It is not a give and take relation but definitely a one that might lift up the spark again in your life and make it more enjoyable. So do not take stress to your bed.

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