Nun Sofia Hayat calls Body Parts & Reality Shows FAKE; Attracting CONTROVERSY ahead of her India visit?


Nun Sofia Hayat calls Body Parts & Reality Shows FAKE; Attracting CONTROVERSY ahead of her India visit?


Nun Sofia Hayat

Nun Sofia Hayat

Nun Sofia Hayat

Nun Sofia Hayat

Nun Sofia Hayat

Do you remember the former Bigg Boss contestant and model Sofia Hayat? She was a wild card entry in the seventh season of the reality show, in 2013. It seems life has taken a completely different turn for the model, whose latest Instagram images show her in a changed and totally different avatar.

Sofia has become a nun!

The 31-year-old’s transition from model to the more spiritually inclined avatar of a nun can be seen on her Instagram account.

The British national — who made headlines in 2012 for posting a nude photo of herself when her former boyfriend Rohit Sharma scored 264 runs — has posted a series of pictures of herself dressed as a nun.

She claims that she is now called Gaia Sofia Mother.

Gaia Mother Sofia’, with an ‘Om’ tattooed bindi on forehead and vegan lifestyle has been in news after she turned into a ‘nun’. Sofia now plans to come back to India and hold a press conference this weekend.

Sofia’s social media posts for last two months reflect her transformation and talks of her spiritual journey but the controversial British model-actor-singer sure knows how to stay in news and it is shocking to see what she did yesterday!

Rumored to have not only got a lip job done but also has gone through breast augmentation, the voluptuous beauty Sofia Hayat is now attacking the ladies who’ve gone through plastic surgery

Not only this, Sofia also takes a dig at ‘Reality Shows’. Interestingly, she herself has been part of various such shows in India, including ‘Bigg Boss’. She called termed ‘Reality Shows’ FAKE!

Sofia-Armaan Kohli’s famous fight post which Police entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house for the first time

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